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Gopaldhara Honey Oolong 2018

Gopaldhara Honey Oolong 2018 is one of the finest autumn flush Darjeeling Oolong Tea from Gopaldhara Tea Estate, one of highest elevated tea garden in Darjeeling (stretches up to 7000 FT). The tea has been cultivated & grown in the highest peaks of the garden which gives the tea brownish appearance with a few golden tips.

The tea brews into bright orange cup liquor having a sweet and fruity muscatel character with a prominent honey finish but without any astringency. The aftertaste is well-defined, long lasting & captivating.

Gopaldhara Winter Oolong 2018 is a finest & special Oolong Tea from Gopaldhara Tea Estate, one of the highest elevated garden in Darjeeling. The tea is very different, unlike any other Oolong Teas which makes it very unique. It has been mildly oxidized & sun withered, so the dry leaves appear to be more greenish than brown. The tea brews into a yellow colored liquor which will remind you of the freshness of Darjeeling.

The flavor of the tea is very fresh reminiscent of high-quality early spring character. The tea is very mouthful and strong with fruity notes of star fruit with some delicate citrusy notes.

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Tea type: Oolong Tea
Flush: Autumn Flush
Cultivar: Clonal Bushes
Estate: Gopaldhara Tea Estate
Temperature during manufacturing: Temperature between 0 to 12 degrees
Invoice no: RT-133/18
Time of Harvest : November, 2018
Type of Plucking: Single and Two Leaves and a Bud
Grade: FTGFOP1 Winter Oolong
Elevation: 5500 – 7000 feet
Oxidation: Mildly Oxidized
Specialty: Made in very high elevation from high quality clonal bushes for a sweet autumn flush tea

Leaf appearance : Well sorted, brownish black whole leaves and silver tips.
Infusion : Coppery infusion
Liquor colour : Bright dark orange cup
Transparency : Semi transparent
Sweetness : Smooth & Sweet Muscatel Character, little spicy with a very dense finish
Astringency : No Astringency
Flavour : Strong cup with sweet muscatel flavor
Aroma : Fresh flowery aroma of Darjeeling Second Flush
Aftertaste : Lingering and delightful aftertaste

Water: Always use fresh water
Boiling: Temperature of the water: 85°C.
Brewing Time: 2-3 minutes
Tea Quantity: One teaspoon (around 2.5g) /one cup
Multiple Infusions: 2 times for sure, the third may be very delicate
MilkNo Milk: No milk, Condiments are not advised as it may ruin the natural flavour of the tea

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